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Förbättringsanalys inköp

Genom en inledande Förbättringsanalys hittar vi förbättringspotential som rör organisation, processer och rutiner. Med målsättning att spara tid och pengar samt lyfta er inköpsfunktion och lönsamhet i bolaget.

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Spend Analysis

In producing companies the purchase costs lie between 50-70%. Through a spending analysis you are able to get a better view and focus on the cost base.

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When purchase prices are high and margins low, we can use the spending analysis to help you lower costs and increase purchasing efficiency and supply chain.

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Purchasing Strategy

With a purchasing strategy, you pave the way for the purchasing department and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

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Category Management

Based on a purchasing strategy you are able to categorize and get better control of purchasing, with effects such as lower product costs, increased quality and smoother deliveries.

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