Sourcing Public

Effective tenders towards public companies

Stora affärer

LOU means big business and there is a lot of money to make.

Long agreements

In the case of won procurement: Often long, secure agreements and stable sales.

Many customers

Large numbers of customers in the public market.

Public procurements differs from private. Everything needs to be 100% correct when submitting the tender, no exeptions. So you have to think ahead.

The reality of many entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs lack the relevant knowledge and experience of LOU (Law on Public Procurement) to succeed in winning the deal. Many times there isn’t a solid foundation to build on, and a lot of time and resources are invested for nothing.

Sourcing Public helps companies maximize their business opportunities towards public customers. You will be supported by our professional purchasers and business lawyers with solid experience and skills in submitting tenders.

Ikon för upphandlingstjänst Sourcing Public: Anbud och offentliga affärer LOU

Gains with Sourcing Public?

Winning tenders
  • Business law experience.
  • Best Practice
  • Need analysis.
  • Support in formulating tenders.
  • Are the requirements met?
  • HeadsUp - “Don´t Miss This!”
  • Approve! before submission.
  • Real cases training.
  • Develop in house competence.
  • Time-efficient and relevant.

The Tender Modell - 10 steps

Through our "Tender Model" you get the right support throughout the whole process, to maximize your business opportunities.

Maximize your business opportunities through the Tender Model

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