Sourcing Consultant

Do you need a consultant in procurement or logistics?

We are a business partner who work closely with both customers and candidates, and with accurancy and experience we will match the right competence for your need. We have substantial experience from most industries and supprt both large and small companies. Whether you need a consultant within procurement. logistics, or supply chain manager or specialist, we can help you.

Sourcing Consultants are responsive, commited, have the right skills for the assignment and starts to deliver in a short period of time.

Logistics consultants

Sourcian Partner Logistikkonsult

Our roles within logistics

When you need a logistic consultant for a certain period of time who can optimize inventory or streamline product flows.


Logistics developer

Supplier developer

Project manager logistics

Logistics engineer

Supply chain planner


Sourcian Partner - Sourcing Consultant Inköpskonsult

Our roles within procurement

När du behöver en inköpare med specifik kompetens och branscherfarenhet under en period.


Strategic purchaser

Category buyer

Project manager purchasing

Project purchaser

Tactical purchaser

Operational purchaser

Managers & Specialists

Sourcian Partner - Sourcing Consultant Inköpschef

Our managers and specialists roles

When you need a purchasing manager or a logistics manager who holds a team together for a limited period or a specialist who can add value in the purchasing / supply chain.


Interim Purchasing manager

Interim Logistics manager

Supply chain manager

Business lawyer

Public procurement (LOU)

Contract manager

Cost estimator

Supplier Quality (SQA, SQE)

Purchasing analysts

What skills are you looking for?

We have expertise and good customer reviews in several areas:


IT-products & services





Medical technology

Food industry

Indirect materials and services

Public procurement

What challenges do you have today?

We can offer purchasing expertise in all industries.