About us

We are Sourcian Partner

With Sourcian Partner the procurement function becomes a business driven process.
that takes the profitability to new levels!

Challenges in the procurement world

We know that it takes time, energy and accuracy for procurement and the supply chain to work smoothly. Suppliers announce price increases annually and it is often urgent when the supplier agreements are to be negotiated. If you do not have time, the agreement period is extended with a higher price compared to if renegotiation has taken place. Customers demand productivity and price reductions, which can lead to reduced margins. Or late materialdeliveries that affect production and the customer relationship in a negative way. Another common problem is if a company has a shorter payment period against its suppliers, which doesn´t match the offer to its customers. As a result, cash-flow is suffering.

It is recognizable? The procurement world can be a challenge sometimes.

We save a lot of money on our procurement routines and the fixed purchase prices gives us much more reliable calculations in our assignments.
VD, Martin Andersson, VGH

Procurement specialists

Sourcian Partner are specialized in procurement. We started in 2012 with the purpose to help companies by providing business solutions that increases their profitability. We have substantial experience from most industries and support both large and small companies, and know the challenges you as an entrepreneur are often faced with. Above all, we know how to work smarter, more efficently and how to increase profitability in different types of companies.

Our vision is to be the most preferred partner within procurement in Sweden.

What we can contribute:

Reduce costs

Increase efficiency

Secure deliveries

The result is affordable and efficient solutions when you need them. Support, reinforcement or a boost in your existing competence.

How can we support your company?
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