The needs guide

Sourcing Consultant Logistik_grå BG

We need a Logistics consultant

    • Set up logistics flow
    • Increase inventory turnover
    • Expand delivery capacity
Sourcing Consultant Inköp_grå BG

We need a Procurement consultant

    • Cover staff losses
    • Searching for specific skills
    • Expanding procurement team
Sourcing Consultant Inköpschef_grå BG

We need an interim procurement manager

    • Time-consuming recruitment
    • Vacancy/absence
    • Lead the procurement team
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Sourcing Ondemand - Punktinsats Omförhandling & Direktupphandling i flexiblel inköpstjänst

Trimming prices & conditions

    • Lönsamma avtal över tid
    • Frigöra tid för kärnverksamhet
    • Tillgång till inköpsexpertis
Sourcing Transformation_grå

Reduce costs
& increase efficiency

    • Improve margins & results
    • Strategic procurement
    • Effective procurement process
Sourcing Mentor_grå

Increase our
procurement skills

    • Raise the level of competence
    • Advisor for the team
    • Mentor for the management
Sourcing Public - Effektiva anbud mot offentliga bolag

Submit tenders
public companies

    • Increase business opportunites
    • Quality assurance tenders
    • Increase competence in LOU